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Some things get less predictable with age. The cost of care should not be one of them. At Vi, you can live life to the fullest, knowing that the costs for assisted living, memory support and skilled nursing are covered as part of your contract besides additional charges for extra meals and ancillary items received in the care center.

The Numbers

At Vi, the entrance fee is a one-time fee paid when you move into the community, and is based on the floor plan and return option you choose.

Option 1: Entrance Fee with 0% Returned + Monthly Fee

  Entrance Fees*  Monthly Fee**
One Bedroom  $284,000-330,900 $3,580-3,950
One Bedroom + Den      $347,500-480,300
Two Bedroom $396,300-570,000
Two Bedroom + Den $507,600-1,023,300
Villa $753,000-1,207,800
Second Person Fee $32,000  $1,700

Option 2: Entrance Fee with 80% Returned + Monthly Fee

   Entrance Fees* Monthly Fee**
One Bedroom $448,900-523,000
One Bedroom + Den $549,200-759,100 $4,060-4,280
Two Bedroom  $626,400-900,900
Two Bedroom + Den      $802,300-1,617,300
Villa $1,190,100-1,908,900 $5,970-7,250
Second Person Fee  $50,000
*Based on square footage and location on property.

**Monthly Fees are typically set at the beginning of each calendar year and do increase over time. Ask our Sales Team for a history of monthly fee increases.

Our returnable entrance fee options, monthly fees, and community services and amenities are subject to change. Floor plans are subject to availability.

Return Options

We offer entrance fee return options to fit both your current and future financial needs. Choosing an 80% return option means that upon termination of your life-care contract and in accord with the terms of that contract, your chosen beneficiary will receive 80% of the entrance fee that you paid. A 0% return option means that your one-time entrance fee will not be returned after the period set forth in your life-care contract.

Entrance Fee

At Vi, the entrance fee is a one-time fee paid when you move into the community, and is based on the floor plan and return option you choose. 

Monthly Fees

Your monthly fees help to pay for a range of services such as: weekly housekeeping, monthly meal plans, lifestyle programming, group transportation, fitness facilities, exercise classes, and more. Should you move or need to access the care center, your independent living monthly fees will not increase, aside from community wide increases, the cost of additional meals and ancillary items as needed.

What is Included?

No need to worry about paying that gym, water, and electric bill; activities, utilities and a vast array of services and amenities are included in your fee.
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